How Easy Spy works in General

You might have decided to choose Easy Spy to help you in monitoring your employee’s smartphones or even in tracking the location and activities of your children, but you might also wonder “How does this thing really works? They are very simple and practical to be used and also very user friendly especially for first time user. They are designed with the average person in mind, with knowing that not everyone is technically gifted in using the advanced technology that computers, cellphones and tablets have these days. If you know how to use a cellphone, that means you would also be able to install and use this application easily. It’s as simple as that.

First, you would want to buy the Easy Spy program itself by clicking on the “Buy Now” button that is available on their official website. After your purchase, you will receive an email that will have all the instructions sent to you so you could start using the application immediately. By using the easy-to-use and step by step instructions that have already been sent to your email, you would want to install the application and during this progress, they would ask you to enter the phone number of your kid’s or employee’s phone, and soon after that, all the data information will start being uploaded from the phone through to the control panel at your end for your viewing.

easyspy how it works

You would be able to control Easy Spy program easily through the control panel by sending commands from the members area to control your kid’s phone, such as back up the phone, pause applications that are opened on your kid’s phone or even if you want to wipe the phone data altogether. This all could be done just by the touch of your fingertips without having to be anywhere close to the kid’s phone. Your settings then will be recorded into the server. Your commands then will be redirected to the kid’s phone for execution.

In order for all of this to happen and for you to start tracking and monitoring your kids or employee’s phones to work, you would need to make sure that Easy Spy would work on their smartphones or tablets. They would work on all versions of Android, Apple (iPhone, iPad and iPod) and Blackberry on most of the networks worldwide. You can always view the compatibility page on their official website to view the full list of all phones that the application would work on. Once you have found out if the kid’s phone is compatible to be monitored or tracked, you would then want to buy the application itself through their official website, then begin the process of installing the whole thing, so you could start displaying the information that you need through the Control Panel that they provided as soon as possible.