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Technology has really made life more convenient but it has also made lying very easy and if you are not proactive the people you love and rely on could be keeping you in the dark! Fortunately there is a way to find out the truth without anyone knowing you are looking and the way to do that is with Easy Spy.

We are going to look at both the personal and professional applications for Easy Spy!

Ok let me ask you some questions:

Do you wonder what your wife is doing when you are gone to work? Who she is chatting with on her mobile when she says “friends”?

Do you know whether your girlfriend/wife is at home when you head out to the office or is she having clandestine meetings with another man or men!

Are your children going to the “library” as promised or are they skipping school to do God knows what with their friends?

Are They Sexting or camming people they shouldn’t be?

Are your employees lying to you? Are they wasting their time?

Do you fear they’re sharing some secret data with others?

Why not find out the real time location of employees who are on the company clock!

Why not track text messages being sent from company phones that are work and non-work related to find out what your employee is really doing!

Why not identify patterns of abuse and nip them in the bud before it becomes worse!




easyspyproWith Easy Spy, it’s now much easier for you to track each and everything you need to know! Text Message Monitoring, GPS + Google Maps Tracking, Call Recordings, Stealth Camera and much more!

This is only scratching the surface of all the benefits provided by Easy Spy but we are going to review the features in detail so you can keep tabs on everyone in real time.

Why Every Employer Needs Easy Spy

Business owners really need to stay on top of things if they want to remain competitive and that means keeping tabs on their employees at all time. Regardless of how large or small your organization is each and every company can benefit from Easy Spy especially if you want to protect your trade secrets, With Easy Spy you will know whether your employees are giving away the “family secrets” and can take proactive steps before the situation becomes worse. The following are some other scenarios.

  • Just imagine being able to verify the movements of your staff and know with certainty whether they are “cooking” their logbooks or actually working.
  • Imagine the feeling of peace knowing that your partner is ethical and not doing anything “behind your back”.
  • Just imagine being able to use Easy Spy to keep track of your children so you always know where they are at all times.
  • Imagine having the ability to tell your customers in real time with pinpoint accuracy where your service reps are in the field and roughly how long it will take them to arrive.

These are just some of the benefits you enjoy when using Easy Spy for your personal and professional needs.

Text Message Monitoring:

Most of us have taken text messaging for granted but it can provide you with valuable insight into what your spouse, children or employees are doing. Easy Spy will store all of the text messages that are sent, received and even deleted for your review.

While reading over these text messages it will provide you with some really good insight into what the individual is doing. Since these individuals do not know they are being “observed” you need to make a concerted effort to not give them any indication you are able to read each and every text message being sent.

This is really helpful when you have an employee communicating with clients via text, one wrong comment could cost you a sale. If your spouse is fooling around on you the text message is usually how they communicate with their suitor. The moment they hit send, open or delete you will know what was said, it’s that easy!

easyspy message tracking

GPS + Google Maps Tracking

Easy Spy will let you track the location of the person using the device without them even knowing it. You can set the number of intervals you want the device to “check-in”. Whenever it does it will use a pin on Google maps so you know exactly where the person is at any moment in time.

You can then go to that location and observe what they are doing, whether your spouse is “picking up the dry cleaning” or doing something else it will be very transparent to you. This is also wonderful for parents who want to know where their kids are whenever the child is outside. While most kids are honest we live in a dangerous world and having the ability to track the location of your child at all times is essential especially when you have teenagers who want to rebel. Since the kids never know you are watching them you can monitor them with complete confidence.

Call Recordings – Stuff Private Eye’s Used To Dream Off!

Thanks to Easy Spy you now have the ability to record calls as they are taking place and from anywhere in the world. You can intercept the calls as they are taking place and listen to what is being said between everyone, whether your employee is mindless talking to his friend on company time or your daughter is planning to sneak away with the guy you don’t want her dating you will know exactly what is happening as it happens.

easyspy call log

Stealth Camera – See What The Unadulterated Truth

Easy Spy lets you turn on the mobile camera so you see the entire area and what is happening. You also have the ability to intercept video messages that are being sent or received. The next time your wife/daughter/employee says they are somewhere turn on the stealth camera and see for yourself.

Call, Web And Chat Logs Are At Your Disposal

With all of these logs you can actually reconstruct all of the activities that were conducted by an individual whether they were working or shopping online. This is also very helpful when trying to figure out why nothing in your home is ever cleaned even though your wife says she is “busy”.

So just to recap with Easy Spy you can see and hear everything that is being communicated by the person using the mobile device, you can track their every step without them ever knowing it and you have the ability to remotely delete Easy Spy so this person will never know you were monitoring them.

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By having access to this application you are going to have peace of mind knowing whether the people around you are honest or not.

If someone under your employ lies to you it can be cause for dismissal but if your spouse or children lie to you or are hiding something then you need to reassess the situation and decide what is the best course of action to take. Once trust is lost it can be very difficult to rebuild so knowing who to trust and who not to can make all the difference in this world, Easy Spy gives you the truth and with that truth you can decide what is your next move.

Remember the adage, fool me once shame on you but fool me twice then shame on me, with Easy Spy you will never be fooled by anyone again!

Start using Easy Spy now and enjoy some much needed peace of mind.

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